Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Have You Been Told?

Have you been told that your breath reeks
The scent of blood
From the hearts that you've chewed and spit
With the scarlet juice dripping down your chin

Have you smelt how your hands smell like
Rusted metal 
From the wrists that you've forced to slit
Spilling the vermilion on washroom tiles

Have you been told how glassy your eyes are
Seeing only Greys
Yet dictating where the rainbows shine
Shattering colours that you don't even see

Have you been told how your skin has wrinkled
From the frowns 
That simply don't understand love
Breaking minds hidden in closets

Have you felt the burden of your sins
The weight of the children
You took from their kin
With the souls that haunt your bedside 

Have you not been told that
No pilgrimages aren't soap
That rinse out hands that have gotten dirty
The river waters you seek 
Sadly, don't flow with bleach
Where you drown yourself in 
And come out clean.